Cyber Lilo

Cyber ​​Lilo is an educational online game designed for teens ages 12 to 18 to learn how to identify the major risks of online communication and how to prevent or deal with them if they occur.

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Through play and in a fun way, students will be able to easily and with greater interest master the Cyber ​​Security and Protection, because students often communicate through social networks and digital applications, thus facing Internet threats.

The educational game “Cyber ​​Lilo” got its name from the mascot – the alien Lilo, who appears in the game. If the participant answers the question correctly, Lilo is happy, otherwise he looks angry.                                                                                                             

The “Cyber ​​Lilo” game is made in three levels, different in complexity of the questions. When playing at one level the participant will have to answer 10 questions from different topics that correspond to that level of complexity.

Sixth and seventh graders will be able to play the first level and the second level; and high school students will be able to play from the first to the third level of the game “Cyber ​​Lilo”.

In order to be able to play the Cyber ​​Lilo game, participants must first download it to their mobile phone or tablet from the Play Store (the application is for Android operating system).

The participant will have to enter: name and surname or nickname, school, email.

This data will only be stored on the phone, not centrally. Personal data will be shared only with IT teachers that he already knows, via teacher’s email or a communication application.

In order to be able to choose the game level to be played, the participant will have to enter which grade / year of high school it is.

After the participant finishes the game, he / she will be able to send the result to the teacher. To send the result, enter the teacher’s email or select another communication application.

The teacher will receive the questions and answers that are answered correctly and the questions and answers which are not correct. The game will be of help to the teaching staff in determining the knowledge of students in the field of cyber security and protection.

In our educational game, the questions are designed according to the topics taught in the subject Informatics, in sixth and seventh grade and in high school. They are:

  • safe work on the Internet
  • protection of personal data privacy and copyright
  • Email (contacts, security, spam)
  • creating positive digital footprints
  • Recognizing the types of violence through the Internet and preventive ways to do so
  • critical assessment of the reliability of the information
  • Malware protection
  • Passwords and secure profiles
  • Security when using social media
  • Backup internet data

The game Cyber ​​Lilo is one of the results of our project “Cyber ​​Security and Protection of the Elderly and Teenagers” which aims to increase awareness and competence of teens and the elderly for cyber security from the possible Internet threats they face in their daily lives.

The Cyber ​​Security and Protection for the Elderly and Teen Project is funded by the US Embassy in Republic of North Macedonia.