About us

About Us


Readiness for Europe

Readiness for Europe is an Association of Professional Consultants established in March 2012 in order to support and strengthen the capacity of organizations in Macedonia to achieve the goals of sustainable development and international cooperation, while respecting the basic European values and principles.

We believe that Macedonian society has potential for development, relying on local resources and capacities.

  • Vision and Mission

    Our vision is creating society with equal opportunities for all. RE based its vision on the universal principles of civil society and participative democracy, rule of law, balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development, non-violence, respect and interdependence and cultural diversity.

    Therefore, RE mission is to encourage changes with new and alternative solutions to the everyday challenges that Macedonian society faces with.

    RE’s activities include: Transfer of the best European practices through European, regional and national partnerships with organizations that respect and support the common development, and joining the common European area.

  • Organization Values
    • Participatory policy making; 
    • Good governance;
    • Cooperation, partnership and networking;
    • Leadership;
    • Transparency;
    • Continuous professional development and
    • Independence  
  • Membership

    The Association Readiness for Europe is open for membership to all interested:

    • - Individuals who are willing to be part of a dynamic and entusiastic team, has an experience and are committed in promoting EU standards and values.
    • - Organizations, institutions, associations and other legal entities which activities and organizational values are in line with RE's standards, in order to help Macedonian society to easily face the challenges toward EU accession