Cyber safety and security for elderly and teens

The project "Cyber Security and Protection of the Elderly and Teenagers" aims to increase awareness and competence of teens and elderly about cyber security, to be protected from the potential Internet threats they face in their daily lives. Implementing this project increases the competence of the elderly and teens for safe use of the Internet. For more information on project activities for seniors and teens you can find information below.  
  • Cyber Lilo Game

    As part of our project CET, we have the educational game Cyber Lilo for teens, available on PLAY STORE:

    Cyber ​​Lilo is an educational online game designed for teens ages 12 to 18 to learn how to identify the major risks of online communication. Through play and in a fun way, students will be able to easily and with greater interest master the Cyber ​​Security and Protection.

    The "Cyber ​​Lilo" got its name from the mascot - the alien Lilo. If you answer the question correctly, Lilo is happy, otherwise he looks angry.

    In our educational game, the questions are designed according to the following topics: safe work on the Internet; protection of personal data privacy and copyright; creating positive digital footprints; recognizing the types of violence through the Internet; critical assessment of the reliability of the information; security when using social media and so on.

  • Training Modules
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