For Elderly

As part of the project, we have prepared a Guide for implementation of modules for working with elderly, which serves as a tool for mentors, who in May attended a one-day training and were trained to educate the elderly in six Homes on how to protect themselves when active online.

The training documents can be found at the following links:

Training for mentors for the elderly

The Guide is also for all those who want to help seniors in the process of learning and gaining skills and knowledge on how to stay safe when using digital tools on the Internet.

The guide can be found at: Guide for implementation of modules for working with elderly

As part of the training modules that you will find in the Guide, we have prepared educational videos that you can follow at the following links:

Module 1: Protect your device

Module 2: Safe use of the Internet

Module 3: Safe on Social Media

Module 4: Safe online shopping and scams

Module 5: Safe on the Internet

We have signed cooperation with the following Private retirement homes:

  1. “Rezidencija Dabeski” – Skopje
  2. “Zhana-S” – Skopje
  3. “Vera” – Skopje
  4. “Idila Terzieva” – Skopje
  5. “Harmonija” – Skopje
  6. “DOM-ZHANA” – Skopje