For Teens

As part of the project, we have the educational game Cyber ​​Lilo, which is designed to educate teens on cyber security. In order for our teens to master these topics more easily and use the Cyber ​​Lilo app, we have chosen the approach for their teachers to mentor and support them in the learning process through play.

In April we organized an online training attended by teachers, the game was introduced to them and they were trained to mentor the topic of cyber security among teenagers through gamification.

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The training materials can be found at the following links:

In their work, as supportive tool, mentors use the Guide for Module Implementation for Teens, available at the following link: Guide for Module Implementation for Teens (In Macedonian language)

As part of our project CET, we have the educational game Cyber Lilo for teens.

The game is available on PLAY STORE, ready for installation: 


Cyber ​​Lilo is an educational online game designed for teens ages 12 to 18 to learn how to identify the major risks of online communication. Through play and in a fun way, students will be able to easily and with greater interest master the Cyber ​​Security and Protection.

The “Cyber ​​Lilo” got its name from the mascot – the alien Lilo. If you answer the question correctly, Lilo is happy, otherwise he looks angry.

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In our educational game, the questions are designed according to the following topics: safe work on the Internet; protection of personal data privacy and copyright; creating positive digital footprints; recognizing the types of violence through the Internet; critical assessment of the reliability of the information; security when using social media and so on.

Here is the full description of the game: Description of the educational game “Cyber Lilo”

For the realization of this activity, teens education on cyber security through Cyber Lilo Game, we have cooperation with 8 schools from all regions in North Macedonia, where 10 mentors support their students in the learning process.
The schools are the following:
1. Primary school “Aco Shopov” – Butel, Skopje
7. Primary school “Goce Delchev” – Sveti Nikole