Organizational values

Organizational values

  • Participatory policy making

    “RE” develops its programs and designs its activities in a fully participatory manner by involving different levels of stakeholders: vulnerable groups, policy makers, and representatives from academia, independent researchers, and the business sector.

  • Good governance

    RE implements, monitors and evaluates internal organizational policies towards good governance. All activities are implemented in accordance with the existing regulatory frameworks in Macedonia.

  • Cooperation, partnership and networking

    RE has built strong domestic, regional and EU partnerships with representatives from public institutions, civil society organizations and the business sector.

  • Leadership

    RE encourages and values leadership on each operational level. We encourage and promote proactive behavior among members.

  • Transparency

    RE plans and implements activities, focusing on outcomes and impact. All policies, procedures and yearly reports (both programmatic and financial) are transparent.

  • Continuous professional development

    RE promotes and encourages continuous professional development among its members, its volunteers and its interns.

  • Independence

    RE is an independent organization, without any institutional or political affiliations