RE2020 became member in the network for better legislation – “RIA” network
Gathering of the Fourth General Assembly of RE2020
Free online platform for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
Free e-learning resources for entrepreneurship - Project Erasmus+
Attendance of the International conference for Innovations in Sofia, Bulgaria
RE2020 together with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia submitted a project proposal under the call of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights 2016
Address: bul. Sv.Kliment Ohridski
24/2-1, 1000 Skopje
Tel: +389 2 3123 601

Increase awareness of Macedonian society on the importance of Europe 2020 strategy and productive participation in achieving its strategic goals;

Representing the interests of the Macedonian organizations in national and European institutions associated with the strategy Europe 2020;

 • Digital Society: А Digital Agenda for Europe - Speeding up broadband deployment and utilization of the benefits of digital single market for households and firms.

Innovation: Innovative Union - Improving the basic conditions and access to finance for research and innovation, to strengthen the innovation chain and increase the investment in all countries of the Union.

Education: Youth on the move - Increasing the performance of the education system and strengthen its attractiveness to international students.

Competitiveness: Industrial policy in an era of globalization - Improving the business environment, especially for SMEs, as well as support the development of strong and sustainable industrial base capable of competing globally.

 • Climate, Energy and Mobility: Europe with efficient use of resources - Help with the separation of economic growth from resource use through decarbonization of the economy, increased use of renewable energy sources and modernization of the sector transport and energy efficiency promotion.

Employment and Skills: An agenda for new skills and jobs - Modernization of the labor market by facilitating labor mobility and skills development throughout the life cycle with a view to increasing participation in the workforce, and better coupling of supply and demand of labor.

Fighting Poverty: European platform against poverty - Provision of social and territorial cohesion so that the benefits of growth and employment will expand widely and people experiencing poverty and social exclusion can live with dignity and take active participation in society.

Our Association is accomplishing its objectives and tasks on the basis of expertise, impartiality, independence, voluntary and solidarity as fundamental principles in action.

To achieve our goals and objectives, we will cooperate with other national and international NGOs and associations of citizens who have the same or related purposes.

То achieve the goals and objectives we have set, and to implement rich content in program operations and activities of the Association we will participate in various national and international projects, organize workshops, seminars, research activities, transfer knowledge and so on .

In addition the Association will work on making contacts with international organizations and foundations to provide material and financial resources for implementation of planned activities.

Program orientation activities of the Association outline is made for 4 years and it will be rationalized in annual plans, which will be made at regular parliamentary sessions.